The vast majority of high school graduates that are entering the workforce year after year don’t even have a clue they have been trained to punch a time clock.

Use of the creative nature they possess has been tempered by a model of education that finds its beginnings from the industrial revolution. The very thing that turned our country from a land of pioneers into a land of mass money seekers controlled by the marionette strings of the manipulators of the day. The robber baron’s had the American Dream by the nether regions, and everyone else wanted a piece.

This is still our reality today. Everyone wants to be successful, but who really knows how? Do I want to be an employee for the rest of my life getting by on overtime that falls in my direction so that the company I work for can make its quota to ensure that the economy of its sphere of influence is always growing so that those who really benefit can continue in the lifestyle to which they are accustomed? I am going to do a study to understand the truth of how the world economy actually operates, or maybe I don’t want to know. Maybe I should stick to writing and singing and writing music and doing whatever I can to survive.

Anyway, this page will be dedicated to the pursuit of entrepreneurship. As the community builds around “The Whack Word” an online magazine, part of our goal is going to be to foster a sense of individuality and responsibility to growth in the area of entrepreneurship. It is up to the people to make it happen. I have some ideas about becoming an incubator for business across the country not just in terms of ideas but in actual terms of funding those ideas and placing trust in people who join the collective conscience. Franchising, networking, direct sales, inventions, trademarking product lines, becoming leaders in industry, etc. There is no reason why a collective couldn’t become venture capitalists for their own membership. Any thoughts would be well appreciated.

Alan Soltys


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