Giving Back!

Giving Back!

When I first had the idea for “The Whack Word” an online magazine, the very nature of the magazine itself compelled me to discover a way to give back. I met an industrious gentleman who introduced me to the concept of philanthropy, which according to Wikipedia, etymologically means “the love of humanity”. Since Aeschylus wrote Prometheus Bound we have had at our disposal what is “thought to be the key to and the essence of civilization”. So the fountain of all civilized life in the world issues forth from the love we have for our fellows. Sounds interesting. So out of love for our fellows, we are preparing to make a difference.

“The Whack Word” is instituting and operating a fund we are calling “The Patriot Fund”. I am a patriot. I see the American flag flying, and I well up in my soul. I see a soldier on the street, and I take the time to shake his hand and tell him thanks. Putting your life at risk for your country is a serious calling, and I know I am not by myself in truly loving our military members.

There has been an increase in the number of soldiers coming home from abroad with very serious problems. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), lost limbs, and serious injury prevent some of our people from providing for their families the way they would like. There are programs in place to help, but we want to do more. More definitely needs done.

We will establish and build the size of “The Patriot Fund” with 30% of the magazine’s subscription revenue. There will be a place on the website to donate to the fund, but our main focus is 30% of subscriptions. When you subscribe to the magazine, you will know that some of your money is going to help those who have truly sacrificed. We would like to build the fund to a certain level and establish a foundation, but that will take some time. For now, the fund will be used to directly affect the quality of life for as many military and veteran personnel that we can help who are suffering with the inability to support the ones they love. This responsibility should be a community effort anyway so we will gladly contribute.

We will also be offering free training on how to become a freelance writer to veterans and military personnel. Entrepreneurial training will also be made available as we partner with other providers who will be honored to give a helping hand.

Aeschylus told us that Prometheus gave mankind two gifts, fire and optimism. Fire represented what man could accomplish with his hands in technology and innovation, and optimism or “blind hope” made it possible for man to use the fire to build up and elevate the condition of mankind. Fire and optimism together cannot be stopped. Think about it, we have so much at our disposal, couldn’t we use what we have and what we will have to help someone who truly needs our help? Just a question.

If everyone that we knew became a philanthropist, we could take a big bite out of greed.  Incidentally, greed happens to be destroying our world, but that is for another discussion at another time.

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